Welcome to the Savoy

KEY CREATORS Landia Egal, Amaury La Burthe, Sharon Davis

“The first place in the world that black and white walked through the door together was the Savoy. They were joined by a simple thing called Swing.”

– Norma Miller, the “Queen of Swing” (1919-2019)

The Savoy Ballroom was a legendary dance hall on Lenox Avenue, between 140th and 141st Streets in Harlem. It was known as “The World’s Finest Ballroom” and the “Home of Happy Feet.” It was New York City’s first integrated dance hall. From 1926 to 1958, its twin bandstands showcased history’s finest jazz musicians, while the innovative moves created on its mahogany dancefloor would sweep the world and live on to this day.

Welcome to The Savoy is a project reopening the doors of the now lost ballroom. Users will be projected back in time to step into the most swinging nightspot of the jazz age – the birthplace of lindy hop – in an authentic experience at the crossroads of VR and immersive theatre.

Users will enter a photorealistic 3D reconstruction of the Savoy, moving freely through a virtual and tangible interactive world. They will be engaged in role play with live actors, while crowds of animated dancers, musicians and Savoy people will merge into the action. 

We are currently undertaking meticulous historical research to build our model. We intend to do justice to this magical place for a new generation of visitors.